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Come experience Boise and the cities that surround it, such as Meridian, Eagle, Nampa and Caldwell to name a few. Each of these communities has it's own Live Work Play dynamics to offer.

Our goal is to provide the best Idaho Lifestyle Experience in Real Estate to our clients. Our agents are well versed in local market trends, contract negotiations and local Real Estate customs. Each of our agents are Idaho natives or long time Idaho residents with first hand knowledge of all the Idaho Lifestyles you may wish to live.

We help our clients find the best environment that suites their lifestyle. Using our Knowledge of real estate and the local market, we follow a Live, Work, Play rule to find the Real Estate that best fits your desired lifestyle.

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Tips for a Cozy Winter Home

Make Your Home Cozy This Winter!

Winter is quickly on its way and for a big part of the country it looks like it might be a cold one! There is always plenty to do around the house, and getting ready for Winter kicks that into high gear. While there are any number of things most home owners know to do at this point – like closing foundation vents, and servicing the furnace – we’ve put together a different list! Our list here is more about adding to the COZY factor of your home – so let’s get to it!

Add Area Rugs
They really tie the room together for one thing, but otherwise they can also add a layering effect to your home decor. You have Winter coats that you put on just for the season; area rugs can be much the same for your home – just a little different pattern to enjoy and add to your visual pleasure.

Bring In Scents
It’s easy to over-do, so be careful! But adding a few scented cedar candles or having some cinnamon spices simmering fill your home with the most amazing fragrance and believe it or not that alone can lift your whole mood!

Upgrade Your Fuzziness
Winter is a harsh time so it’s a good idea to up the fuzzy factor in your home! Get those plush throw pillows, drape a super soft blanket over the recliner. Adding soft, warm fabrics to your living spaces helps keep things cozy.

Change The Lighting
No, not just the direction the ceiling fan spins, although that is a good tip too, but rather the lights itself. Whether it be just having more candles lit in the room you’re in, adding a lamp shade, or changing to a softer wattage bulb,  changing the illumination in a space can really change the mood. Think warm!

There are any number of things you can do to your home once you’re in it to make it all you want it to be! As your real estate professional I want to be here for you long after the paperwork is done – if you have questions or ideas about your home don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if your home is one of the things you’re looking to change let’s talk!

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